ITHACA, N.Y. —A woman who accepted a plea deal for her role in a Newfield incident that turned deadly was sentenced to four years of probation Wednesday.

Melissa Minnick pleaded guilty to felony fourth-degree conspiracy on Aug. 9. As part of her plea deal, she was required to cooperate with prosecutors and law enforcement as requested.

She was called to the stand on Oct. 26 during the trial of Roy Clements Jr., her former boyfriend, who she said on the stand asked her to buy ski masks, dog food, and sleeping pills that were later used during an incident that turned fatal.

Cameron Rundell, 30, died after four people went to his Newfiled home in the early morning hours Dec.2 and took marijuana plants from his home.

According to police, Rundell was killed during a robbery while being restrained by Clements. However, Clements denied the claims and was found not guilty of all charges against him, including second-degree murder, first-degree robbery, and fourth-degree conspiracy.

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Another person involved in the incident, Dennis Lampila, however, pleaded guilty to a felony first-degree robbery charge on Oct. 12 in relation to the Dec. 2 incident. He also agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and law enforcement but was never called to the stand during Clements’ trial.

Minnick was not among the four people at the Newfield home when the plants were taken from the Rundell. She’d returned to her own home later on Dec. 1 or early Dec. 2.

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During the sentencing, prosecutors asked for five years of probation for Minnick. However, Judge Joseph Cassidy sentenced her to four years of probation.

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