ITHACA, N.Y. — For couples looking to celebrate their years of marriage in a way that’s fast-food quick and a little unusual, the McDonald’s in Ithaca is offering drive-thru wedding vow renewals on Tuesday.

Vow renewals will be performed by newly ordained Chris Allinger, DJ for Q-Country 103.7. For a couple hours Tuesday, the golden arches will “become a white chapel,” the fast food chain says.

Couples who want to take part in the drive-thru marriage celebration just need to let staff know where customers typically place their orders, then drive up to the last window where Allinger will perform the vow renewal right there, according to Minda Conroe, spokesperson for the local McDonald’s and director of operations for J Strategies.

The renewals will take place at newly renovated McDonald’s at 347 Elmira Rd. in Ithaca. The old restaurant was completely demolished and rebuilt, and 30 jobs were added with the new, larger restaurant, according to a news release from the re-opening. It officially re-opened Jan. 4. The restaurant has been owned and operated by Courtney Feehan since 2012. Feehan is an Ithaca native who went to Cornell University.

The event Tuesday is a fun way to highlight the remodel and celebrate Valentine’s Day, Conroe said.

There are now two drive-thru lanes, so the wedding vow renewals won’t interrupt non-romantic Tuesday customers much.

A drive-thru vow renewal event is a first-ever for the Ithaca McDonald’s, and possibly for any McDonald’s. (Though some quick research shows couples have opted to say “I’m Lovin’ It” to a McDonald’s wedding vow renewal before.)

Allinger will perform drive-thru vow renewals from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. At 5:45 p.m., there will be a group vow renewal ceremony inside the restaurant. All couples will be entered for a chance to win a free one-night stay at Hotel Ithaca.

Photos from the event will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @cayugamcdonalds.

Featured image shows the drive-thru at the McDonald’s at 347 Elmira Rd in Ithaca. Provided by Minda Conroe.

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