The following is a republished announcement from the Harold’s Square Development Team and the City of Ithaca, and NOT written by The Ithaca Voice. To submit community announcements directly to The Voice, email

On Monday March, 19, 2018 the Harold’s Square Project will be driving a construction crane (300 ton) down the Commons and setting it up in front of the job site. The purpose of this crane will be to erect the tower crane that will be serving the job.

On Monday, the crane will pull in from the West end of the Commons and be positioned directly in front of the building site as outlined in the Logistics Plans approved by and filed with the City of Ithaca. To accommodate this we will be moving the construction fence north to the existing planter bed line leaving a 10’ pedestrian right of way from the front of the buildings to the fence. Additionally we shall extend the construction fence 100’ to the West creating a corral for tractor trailers that will be delivering the parts to the 300 ton crane.

The erection of the larger tower crane should take approximately just three days, with a maximum of five days if heavy snow or high winds interrupt crane assembly. Upon completion, the 300 ton crane will exit the Commons, the 100’ fence corral will be removed and the construction fence will be moved back to its original location. To facilitate this operation, the Ithaca Police Department will be doing periodic traffic control throughout the +/- three day period as trucks enter and exit the Commons. There will also be a certified safety consultant on the Commons for the duration of this operation and two (2) pedestrian control flaggers assisting people with access through the Commons.

At no time will access to any store or building anywhere on the Commons be denied, and signage will be posted to inform pedestrians and alleviate the flow of foot traffic. Also to accommodate the erection of the tower crane, two light poles and four catenary light strings will have to be removed – temporarily. Temporary LED lights will be installed to compensate for their removal. We intend to work extended hours during the course of the +/- three days to minimize the overall timeframe that the 300 ton crane will be on the Commons.