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ITHACA, NY — This March 31st the third floor of Ithaca’s Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA) will be transformed into Ithaca’s premiere experimental audio-visual event. A selection of Ithaca’s most talented and innovative musicians will encircle the room with percussionists in the center, while a visual installation by Nils Hoover will envelop the space in a transcendental array of light, projection, and reflection.

The ensemble will perform two 45 minute sets of improvised drone and noise. Participants are encouraged to explore the ring around the space for a unique auditory experience with every step. This is an event of epic proportions and is not to be missed!

The 2018 Ithaca Underground Naked Noise Ensemble includes:
Josh Oxford of Galactic Escort Service (Synth)
Bryan Davis of Galactic Escort Service (Percussion)
Ashley Ickes of Galactic Escort Service (Percussion)
Charles Chatman of No-Comply (Percussion)
Chris Knight of Robot Detective (Synth)
Taimur Gibson of Bit Rot (Synth)
Penelope Lindsay of Tender Cruncher (Synth)
Ailis Clyne (Synth, Vocals)
Heather Fae (Synth, Vocals)
Alyssa Duerksen of Lady D & The Shadow Spirits (Violin)
Doga Tekin of the Cornell University Middle Eastern Music Ensemble (Vocals)
Smax Maxwell of Smaxkult (Brass)
David Resig of BRIAN! (Bassoon)
Desmond Bratton (Upright Bass)
Jackson Kovalchik of Casas (Synth)
Brad Nath (Percussion)
Mike Amadeo of Water Bears (Bass)
Fidget Illy of Zero Mean (Bass/Synth)
Jason Eldrige of Monolith (Guitar)
Nils Hoover (Visuals)

This event is made possible with grant support from the Tompkins County Tourism Program, the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County, and the Community Foundation of Tompkins County.


Jacob is a videographer & digital media contributor for The Ithaca Voice.