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ITHACA, N.Y. — On Tuesday May 8th , Ithaca Firefighters teamed up with Ithaca Common Council members to participate in “Fire Ops 10” in Latham, NY at the Albany Fire training grounds.

Cynthia Brock, Joseph “Seph” Murtagh and Ducson Nguyen jumped at the chance to suit up in full fire gear with air packs to experience what firefighters may face on a daily basis.

The Council members experienced searching a home with zero visibility; live fire conditions in the burn tower; making a connection to a hydrant and flowing water from a fire hose. They also climbed a 105 foot tall ladder!

This is the second year of the joint training of Ithaca Firefighters and Council members. Last year Common Council member George McGonigal and the Mayor’s Chief of Staff Dan Cogan attended.

The event put on by the New York Professional Fire Fighters Association and the Albany Permanent Professional Firefighters Association is designed to give lawmakers a feel for what firefighters have to go through to do their jobs and protect the community.

The Fire Department extends a big thank you to the Common Council members who braved a journey outside of their comfort zone for an opportunity to learn more about the Ithaca Fire Department’s needs, challenges and concerns.