ITHACA, N.Y. — Cass Park was packed with energy and screaming fans Saturday evening as four roller derby teams took to the rink.

On Saturday, Cass Park hosted two hour-long roller derby games. The Ithaca SufferJets played against the Brandywine Belligerents, followed by the Ithaca BlueStockings versus the Black Diamond Roller’s Dolls of Destruction.

The SufferJets and the BlueStockings are part of the Ithaca League of Women Rollers, which was accepted as an apprentice affiliate of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, the governing body for women’s amateur flat track roller derby.

The Brandywine Belligerents, of the Brandywine Roller Derby, are from Troy, Pennsylvania, and the Black Diamond Rollers will be competing this year in hopes of becoming a WFTDA Apprentice.

Photo by JT Stone.

There was no shortage of fan support. Fans of all four teams showed their support during the games by cheering at the top of their lungs and clapping when their team scored. One fan even drove four and a half hours to see his girlfriend compete with the Brandywine Belligerents.

The Brandywine Belligerents beat the SufferJets with a final score of 126-121, while the Black Diamonds beat the BlueStockings by 364-83.

Others also explained how students can get involved in local roller derby.

“Students that want to play roller derby can always join our junior roller derby team the Title IXs,” said jam timer and Head Non-Skating Official Alex Clavel, who is also a junior league member.

Clavel said roller derby is really a sport for everyone.

“Some sports like basketball or volleyball will reject someone who’s not tall or fast enough. In roller derby, all body types and skill levels are welcomed since almost nobody comes in already being an amazing skater, and the players and coaches are always supportive and push people to do their best.”

The next game of the ILWR’s 2018 season will take place at 7 p.m. July 14, where the SufferJets will face the Mass Attack All Stars and the BlueStockings will face the Mass Attack Bloody Bordens. Proceeds from the event will go to Ithaca’s Planned Parenthood.

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Featured image by J.T. Stone.

J.T. Stone

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