What is Cinemapolis? The first answer is simple: we are a first-run movie theater located in the heart of Downtown Ithaca, specializing in independent, foreign, and locally-produced films. But more than that, Cinemapolis is a community cultural institution where the art of film is used to enrich people’s lives, grapple with and illuminate contemporary issues, and, of course, to entertain.

Our Mission: The 7th Art Corporation, a non-profit media arts organization, encourages central New York residents to explore the power of film to entertain, educate, and to celebrate the human experience.

7th Art is dedicated to providing a sophisticated community with the best in new international and independent cinema. Since its formation in 2000, The 7th Art Corporation owned and operated Ithaca’s downtown movie theaters, Cinemapolis and Fall Creek Pictures–and now houses five screens under one roof at the new Cinemapolis.


Ithaca’s Member Supported Independent Movie Theater

120 East Green St, Ithaca NY 14850


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