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ITHACA, N.Y.— Among the many controversies facing the world today, one issue in particular has spurred youth around the country to speak out: gun control. Two Ithaca High School students recently debated this issue in the second episode of WRFI’s youth-produced series “Youth Voices.”  

The purpose of the show is to give local students a greater voice in the community by bringing them together to discuss issues they are passionate about. As the show’s founder, producer and host, my goal is to give listeners a well-rounded view of every topic discussed by interviewing students of differing perspectives, and show that students are just as capable of having the same civil and in-depth conversations about complex issues that adults can have. 

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“Youth Voices” launched on Jan. 23 with a debate between two IHS students on abortion, which can be found online here

Listen to the full debate about gun control below, which originally aired on WRFI on July 24. Stay tuned for future episodes that tackle other issues including sex education, mental health and healthcare policies.

Featured image by Dave Kleinschmidt/Flickr

J.T. Stone is a contributor for The Ithaca Voice and a 2020 graduate of Ithaca High School. Questions? Story tips? Email him at