Hello, friends and family of Shortstop Deli,

I just wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone. I am literally moved by the support and the concern for Shortstop Deli. And that’s why I love this community.

We are able to slowly bring back previous laid-off employees and our sustainability is looking better, and it’s all because of you!

Let’s also keep in mind all our other locally owned small businesses that are on the fringe.

A great way to support these locally owned businesses in our community, while still being responsible with distancing and non-gatherings during these times, is gift cards. Gift cards can immediately help lost revenues, and then be saved and used later. When we hope to all be back to normalcy and are able to gather with each other again.

Patronizing these establishments like ours at off-peak hours is also a good idea, to prevent back-ups and gatherings.

Once again, on behalf of myself And all my employees, Thank You.

Everyone, please stay informed, be smart and be safe.

Chuck Dong
Shortstop Deli
Hot Truck