We won’t bore you with our entire 50-plus-year history, but our beginnings are pretty cool. Visions was founded by eight IBM workers and 40 bucks. That’s right – five little dollars each in 1966 became more than $4.5 billion in assets today. There were about 800 members and one branch for the IBM Endicott Employees Federal Credit Union as it was known back then.

In the decades that followed, we’ve gradually grown to more than 210,000 members served by more than 50 branches in three states. We’re really proud of that and everything credit unions stand for.

Credit unions are nonprofits owned by the members, which means we work for them and not stockholders. When a credit union makes profits, it goes right back to the members in the form of low-interest rates, smaller fees, and dividends.

But, that’s not enough for us here at Visions. We take the “people helping people” credit union ethos to another level with programs like Visions Cares.

Visions Cares embodies all we do to give back, not just the millions of dollars we give to causes in the communities we serve, but through employee volunteerism and acts of kindness as well. We further this commitment with financial literacy programs in our communities and schools. Visions even has a handful of in-school branches run by and for students.

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