ITHACA, N.Y. — Seth Peacock has won the Democratic nomination for Ithaca City Court Judge.

Peacock is no stranger to the role. He has served as one of two city court judges since December 2019 when he was appointed by Mayor Svante Myrick to fill a vacancy left by now-Tompkins County judge Scott Miller. Peacock also served previously as a city court judge when Myrick appointed him on an interim basis in 2014.

I am grateful to have won the Democratic nomination for Ithaca City Court Judge and look forward to the election in November,” Peacock said. “My path has not been easy or typical and I am particularly grateful all to those who helped, encouraged, supported and voted.”

After absentee ballots were counted Monday night, Peacock secured his victory over Tompkins County assistant district attorney Dan Johnson.

Peacock won in each of the city’s ward’s, with a total vote of 2,965 to 626. The majority of the votes came from absentee ballots.

Peacock is the first Black judge to serve in Ithaca and in the Sixth Judicial District. He said he hopes to create a pipeline for people of color and to serve as a mentor to young people interested in law.

“Being in this role is the first step I can take in providing young people a real vision of where they could and should serve,” he said.

He is also looking forward to being the presiding judge of the Ithaca Wellness and Recovery Court, which he said is an effective and compassionate way to address the community’s challenges.

“As City Court Judge, my first and most important priority is to treat all of those appearing in court with respect, patience, compassion and while at the same time holding them accountable,” Peacock said. “The legitimacy of our court system depends on our fellow citizens’ belief that the courtroom is a place where they will be held responsible for their actions and behaviors but also treated fairly.”

Madison Fernandez is a contributing reporter at the Ithaca Voice. You can reach her by email at