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ITHACA, N.Y. — Prepare for congestion in Collegetown as the City of Ithaca announced Monday that College Ave will be closed to thru traffic until Wednesday for water main work.

While excavating to connect existing water service to the new water main in the 300 block of College Avenue on Monday, crews discovered that both travel lanes will need to be closed to extend the trench to reach some of the piping components, according to a swift alert from the city.

Commuters should prepare for College Ave being closed to thru traffic in the 300 block from Catherine Street to Dryden Road.

Detours will be set on the 200 block of College Avenue to divert northbound traffic onto Boole Street, then north on Linden.

Southbound traffic at the intersection of College Avenue and Dryden Road will be diverted to Linden Ave.

The work is slated to be completed on Wednesday afternoon.