ITHACA, N.Y.—Alderperson Cynthia Brock has announced her intention to seek another term on Common Council representing the First Ward, including most of the city’s West End and portions of the south side.

Brock was first elected to Common Council in 2011 and has served on the body ever since. She currently serves on the city’s Planning and Economic Development Committee and leads the Tompkins County Water Resources Council and the Special Joint Committee of the Ithaca Area Wastewater Treatment Facility, plus other liaison roles.

“The First Ward is not only the largest ward in the city, but also the most complex,” Brock said. “I will continue to work hard to represent the interests of our residents who live amid intense student pressures, growing crime concerns, stormwater runoff and flooding, major traffic throughways, and dense housing and economic development.”

In addition to her work on a variety of local water issues, Brock said she wants to maintain her role to monitor development’s impact on the community and localize national issues that have an effect every day. She also highlighted the need for sustainability at the city government level.

“I will continue to advocate for the highest level of professionalism from our law enforcement as well as increased social service support from the county to address houselessness, mental health issues as well as assistance for those suffering from addiction,” Brock wrote in her announcement. “I will work to make sure that new development and traffic changes enhance our community rather than overwhelm it. I will continue to advocate for a diversified local economy by promoting our labor base and living wage jobs so that our residents can afford to live, work, and play in Ithaca.”

Matt Butler

Matt Butler is the Managing Editor at the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached by email at