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ITHACA, N.Y. –– Two of Copper Horse’s most popular offerings, Carriage House Blend and Seahorse Blend, will now be available in individual cans at a variety of Ithaca markets including Greenstar, Ithaca Bakery, Collegetown Bagels, P&C Fresh and Sunny Days. Additionally, the canned coffee will be available regionally at stores around the Finger Lakes area and in NYC. You can also find 4 packs available on their website for delivery or local pickup. 

According to Copper Horse owner and operator Jesse Harriott, Elemental Beverage Co’s proprietary Snapchill technology creates an ideal representation for the two currently available coffees and others that may be available in the future.  “This is quite a bit different from canned cold brew which is produced with higher TDS (brew strength) and lower temperature reactions,” said Harriott.  “Since this method is designed to preserve more subtle flavors found in higher temperature reactions, the finished product is something that’s simultaneously crisp, refreshing and filled with flavor complexity.  The taste really pops and it doesn’t leave you thirsty.”

Snapchill is a process by which coffee is brewed hot and then rapidly chilled to under 40 degrees in a very short amount of time, preserving freshness, reducing oxidation and pasteurizing the beverage for a long shelf life of 10 months.

“We have and will continue to make delicious cold brew for events and festivals going forward. We still love our cold brew around here,” Harriott mentioned. “But we thought for our lighter roasts, this was a great way to showcase their strengths, especially the Seahorse Summer Blend. And who knows, you may see us canning some cold brew, too.” 

Copper Horse Coffee has been operating as a roaster and tasting room in nearby Brooktondale since 2014 and plans to hit the ground running in the coming year with more product lines and a greater presence at outdoor events and festivals.  “The pandemic made us go back to basics a little,” said lead roaster AJ Sage.  “We’ve been honored that local coffee is something that our customers still wanted in their homes in trying times.  But now we’re excited to show off a new trick or two.”