ITHACA, N.Y. –– A GoFundMe campaign has been started on behalf of the family of 14-year-old Sophia Nickerson who was tragically hit and killed by a drunk driver on July 21.

“Unfortunately, this tragedy is accompanied by enormous financial burden, from medical bills, to funeral expenses, to time off from work devoted to grief and healing,” the campaign, started by family friend Kathleen Spooner states.

“While there is little that we as a community can do to ease the pain and suffering of Sophia’s beautiful family, there is much we can do to come together as a community to alleviate some of the financial stress that this terrible accident has caused,” the post on the GoFundMe site states.

According to her mother, Sophia was, “so smart, witty, loving and generous in her friendship.” She goes on to say that “at LACS she’s known as a ‘bridge kid’ because she made friends from different circles and brought kids together who would have never hung out otherwise.”

Spooner echoes this sentiment, remembering Sophia as sweet and funny –– with an affinity for lemon juice. Spooner said she remembered Sophia practically taking shots of it, while her mother Val added, “she didn’t drink lemon juice, but she put it on everything, like everything! Mashed potatoes, pasta, brocolli, everything…”

At the time of this publication the GoFundMe has raised $53,896 of a $70,000 goal. To donate, click here.

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