TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.—Recent rain storms have made Cayuga Lake’s water level far higher than usual, leading Sheriff Derek Osborne to issue a high-water advisory for the lake in Tompkins County.

In addition to the advisory, Osborne issued a “no wake zone” warning, which applies to any boat traveling within 500 feet of the shore on the lake. The lake’s water appears to be very dirty as well, with the inflow of water having churned up dirt and more.

“The Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office [also] advises to be aware of floating debris in the water,” the advisory states. “The high water advisory will remain in effect until further notice.”

High rain totals in Central New York have induced flooding in several areas, most notably in Syracuse, where creeks have overrun and certain sidewalks and streets have been impassable.

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