(Correction: The conclusion of this story has been updated, as the health department had previously clarified that all deaths have been unvaccinated people.)

TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.—The Tompkins County Health Department has announced that another person has died due to the coronavirus, bringing the pandemic’s death toll in the county to 33. It’s the first reported death locally since Aug. 3.

COVID-19 cases continued their uptick locally, with another 24 positive tests recorded yesterday and reported Thursday morning. That was one day after 35 positives, which constituted the highest number in months for single-day positive tests. There are 12 people hospitalized due to COVID-19. The person who died was not vaccinated, and there have been no deaths from COVID-19 among people who are fully vaccinated.

The Health Department is also consistently updating a webpage that shows the distribution of positive tests among a variety of different demographics. There’s a weekly update, showing the division of positive tests among vaccinated, unvaccinated, ineligible for vaccination, and unknown status.

The week of July 30 showed vaccinated people made up 47 of the 71 total positive tests that week, compared to 20 who were not fully vaccinated. That was the highest mark since that data started being collected—possibly a result of the Delta variant’s increased contagiousness, but the sheer number of vaccinated residents in Tompkins County, which was around 68 percent at that time, also likely contributed.

That number has normalized a bit in the county’s last update, which was for the week of August 6. That shows that of the 74 positive tests that week, 31 were fully vaccinated, while 26 were not fully vaccinated. The presence in kids undeniably grew during that time as well: of the remaining 17 positive cases found, 11 were categorized as “not eligible to receive the vaccine,” which in the parlance of the health department means they are under 12 years old. The weekly norm for that number was around three or four before that week.

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