ITHACA, N.Y.—On Oct. 23, local restaurant Coltivare hosted a Drag Brunch complete with food, drinks, and drag queens and kings. The drag ensemble slated to appear consisted of four performers: Vivi Nox, Tilia Cordata, Noah Phence and Femme de Violette, all of whom are no stranger to the drag scene—each with extensive performance history.

As the event’s host, Tilia Cordata engrossed the audience with her sultry remarks, as well as her sharp wit and beautifully set blonde wigs. During one of her sets, Cordata also lip-synced to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5.” However, this version featured during the set included intermittent provocative sayings that she, at one point, lip-synced to one of the older attendees of the event, which prompted a wave of laughter and whistling from the audience. 

Vivi Nox encapsulated the audience throughout her three sets, while always donning uber-feminine outfits, and brightly colored long wigs. In Nox’s final set, while interacting with the crowd, she stripped out of her red bodysuit revealing a bra and underwear underneath that was covered by fishnets, which received a thorough wave of support from spectators. 

Noah Phence illuminated the stage with their first set, wearing a pumpkin cover and donning a red hat in their hair. While lip-syncing to Jennifer Hudson’s “I Am Changing,” Phence channeled the irony of the song, and subsequently pulled off the pumpkin covering to reveal a dress with a blue top and a red ruffled skirt. 

Last but never least, Femme de Violette, in her final set of the event, wore a sultry black number, which consisted of stilettos, stockings, and a corset. They won over the crowd with their Vegas showgirl-esque dancing, and their confident demeanor.