Letter to the editor.

I understand the appeal of closing off Aurora Street for the “Streatery,” and favored it during the worst of the pandemic, but living on South Hill I am dismayed by the possibility of continuing it. No matter how much we may wish to reduce our dependence on cars, thousands of people live south of downtown Ithaca. Closing off Aurora Street makes it difficult, and sometimes dangerous, to access the Post Office, elementary, middle and high schools, churches, programs that run in church facilities, County Board meetings, banks, restaurants, etc. The choice is between turning right on State St., then left at the light, and then right again across two lanes of traffic, or turning down Clinton St and through the neighborhoods. For those living past Stone Quarry, that road, never easy at the bottom, has been made worse by forcing traffic east to the circle before heading back west, and when Spencer St. is closed for paving, the whole route is closed. Please consider your South Hill neighbors and keep Aurora St. open.

Jim Rundle