ITHACA, N.Y.—Deputies from the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office stopped a vehicle without a front license plate traveling on Hanshaw Road.

The driver was identified as 32-year-old Daniel King of Interlaken, New York. During a search of the vehicle deputies found $270 in cash and several suspected stolen mailed envelopes, specifically including checks that were not written to or from King. Also in the vehicle was drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine a scale and a black pellet pistol.

So far, King has been charged with several traffic tickets and three drug-related felonies including possession of a controlled substance, possession of precursors for and unlawful manufacturing of methamphetamine. The case is still pending, and more charges are expected.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who may have mailed or been sent checks between Feb. 20 and Feb. 22, 2022, to ensure the checks they mailed were delivered as well as checking bank accounts to ensure no written checks were deposited fraudulently. Most likely at risk are residents of Horizon Drive and the Town of Lansing as well as immediate surrounding areas.

Zoë Freer-Hessler

Zoë Freer-Hessler is the digital editor/reporter for the Ithaca Voice. Joining in November 2021, she has covered a wide range of topics related to local news. She can be reached at,...