Executive Director (full-time) 

The Ithaca Voice 

Non-profit digital news organization 

Ithaca, New York

The salary range for this position begins at $60,000 yearly, based on education and experience. The organization’s benefits package includes generous leave and professional development opportunities, as well as health insurance, a technology stipend, and paid vacation time.

The Ithaca Voice is a nonprofit digital news site with a mission to improve civic and political understanding in Ithaca and Tompkins County by publishing and sustaining in-depth, educational, rigorous, timely, and ethical journalism that all residents can access online free of charge. The Voice endeavors to be the leading media platform that informs and connects the people of Ithaca with trusted news, information, and commentary. It strives to build a more informed, better educated, and more prosperous community. 

The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic planning of the organization. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors.   

General Responsibilities 

  1. Financial Management and Fundraising: The Executive Director develops resources sufficient to ensure the financial health of the organization and is responsible for: 
  • Fiscal management that operates within the approved budget, ensures maximum use of resources, and maintains the organization in a positive financial position
  • Oversight and coordination of all financial operations, including payroll, while working in conjunction with the sponsorship and advertising associate
  • Fundraising and developing other revenues necessary to support the Ithaca Voice’s mission  
  • Grant writing, in collaboration with Ithaca Voice staff
  • Fiscal integrity, including submitting to the Board a proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements accurately reflecting the financial condition of the organization 
  1. Organization Mission and Strategy: The Executive Director works with the Board and staff to ensure that the mission of the Ithaca Voice is fulfilled through programs, strategic planning, and community outreach. Responsibilities include: 
  • Strategic planning to ensure that the Ithaca Voice can successfully fulfill its mission into the future
  • Implementation of programs that carry out the organization’s mission
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with various professional, civic and private organizations to strategically enhance the organization’s mission
  • Primary spokesperson to the organization’s constituents, the media, and the general public  
  1. Organization Operations: The Executive Director establishes employment and administrative policies and procedures for all functions and day-to-day operations, including: 
  • The hiring and retention of competent, qualified staff 
  • Supervision and collaboration with the staff, including the managing editor, sponsorship and advertising associate, salaried reporters, contract reporters, vendors, and interns  
  • Effective administration of operations, including signing all notes and agreements on behalf of the organization 
  • Collaboration and communication with the Board of Directors on policy decisions and fundraising 
  • Oversight of Board organization and committee meetings 
  • Oversight of marketing and other communications efforts  

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Nonprofit management experience  
  • Ability to oversee and collaborate with staff  
  • Demonstrated fundraising and/or grant writing experience 
  • Excellent donor relations skills and understanding of the funding community  
  • Solid organizational abilities, including planning, delegating, program development, and task facilitation  
  • Strong financial management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making, and reporting  
  • Strong written and oral communication skills and public speaking ability

Application Process

Please submit a cover letter and résumé, attention Barbara Adams, Interim Board President, via email at BoardPresident@ithacavoice.com. Application materials due by Friday, July 8, 2022.

The Ithaca Voice is committed to diversity among its top leadership and encourages women, people of color, those living with disabilities, those from rural communities, and others from underrepresented communities in the traditional media to apply.