Ithaca BJJ is a martial arts studio founded and operated by Matt Sung Lee, a retired professional fighter who is a veteran of the major promotions Bellator and Strikeforce.  Ithaca BJJ strives for a family-friendly atmosphere that is great for kids and newcomers. We offer kid’s classes 5 times per week, as well as  Women’s Only and “Bring Your Family” Classes. We also offer many adult classes as well as kickboxing.

When it comes to teaching young students, watching positive transformations gives us such a rewarding feeling and renewed motivation to teach Martial Arts. Our mission for Ithaca BJJ School is to provide a safe environment for children and adults to learn Martial Arts, and to inspire confidence, motivation, and inspiration through dedicated training. We also strive to enrich our community, and supporting quality local journalism is a part of that effort. 

1774 Danby Road

Ithaca, NY 14850