A FREE two-hour introduction into an ecstatic 5-octave mindbody approach to your voice, for singers, “non-singers,” and everyone in between.

Sat, October 29, 2022, 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

Walk-Ins welcome up until time of event!

First Unitarian Society of Ithaca 

208 E Buffalo St Ithaca, NY 14850


This FREE two-hour introduction to Inside Voice, a mindbody approach to voice and song, will offer you a joyful space to discover the beautiful voice that has been inside you all along.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a proud shower singer, or someone who has never opened their mouth to sing, Inside Voice allows singers and “non-singers” alike to uncover the power and beauty of their sound while developing a deep, emotive connection to their own unique voice.

Through exercises and group songs that are as silly as they are revelatory, Inside Voice shows that the only limits on our voices are the ones we impose on them and that to work on the voice is to work on the self. You’ll learn to harness powerful, heartbreaking, visceral, fragile, and otherworldly sounds you never dreamed were inside you all the while dramatically extending your range, building your confidence, and strengthening the emotional links between you and your voice.


Since September 2015, Sing a Secret has been presented around the world. Developed by Jonathan Stancato at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, it has since been presented all over England, Berlin, Paris, and across the U.S. Thousands have sung their secret songs at settings as diverse as music festivals, mindfulness bookstores, the TED Talk headquarters, historic churches, and plant medicine ceremonies. This event is the first time Sing a Secret is being offered in Ithaca, NY.


About The Instructor: Tyler Hathaway is a voice teacher and musician based in Ithaca, NY. He is trained in Inside Voice techniques by Jonathan Stancato in NYC. Alongside his vocation in the world of music, Tyler is enrolled in a Master’s program at Goddard College toward becoming a mental health counselor with a focus on expressive arts therapies. His practice is informed by his acting training at the Actor’s Workshop of Ithaca, prior career as a collaborator and storyteller working in the film industry in Chicago and NYC, and his formal education and gigging experience as a drummer.


I am committed to making Sing a Secret safe and accessible to everyone. It is my highest priority to approach voice work and healing in a way that is anti-racist, feminist-conscious, queer- and trans-friendly, and body-positive in every way.