ITHACA, N.Y.—There’s no telling what will happen in 2023. But some say the best way to predict the future is to gaze upon the past.

Thus, here are 50 or so images from the last year in Ithaca to gaze upon.

After a year of wonderful weather, will the Ithaca Parade return to its customary monsoon-esque rains?

Will the City of Ithaca’s government shed its burgeoning reputation for dysfunction?

What surprises lie in store during the continued return from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Will Ithaca’s F Nest Smoke Shop finally become Ithaca’s Finest Smoke Shop?

All burning questions that we will have to wait to answer. Here’s to a wonderful 2023.

All photos were taken by Casey Martin, staff photographer for The Ithaca Voice. Use the arrows on either side of the pictures to navigate the gallery.