ITHACA, N.Y.—Cinemapolis has its newest leader, as Kate Donohue has been named the downtown Ithaca independent theater’s executive director.

The search has been on since Brett Bossard, the theater’s previous director, left to pursue a job at Ithaca College in September. Donohue moved to Ithaca from Queens in New York City six years ago, according to a press release announcing the move.

“When I moved to Ithaca, I was so grateful to be able to see films at Cinemapolis,” Donohue said in the release. “It was the kind of cultural resource I didn’t think I could find outside a large city. As I have gotten to know more about the organization, I’ve learned that it exists because of the hard work and dedication of local community members. I’m honored to step into this role and further the work of the people who have built and sustained this theater. I look forward to creating more opportunities for people to go to the movies and make great memories.”

Donohue has previously worked as a consultant for small and large non-profits, usually focused on development, and included time with Tomkins Cortland Community College as Grant Project Manager. Previously, she was Assistant Executive Director for Youth and Family Services at Sunnyside Community Services in Queens.

“The Board of Directors of Cinemapolis are honored to have Kate take the helm of our art house cinema and community theater. Her experience and vision will move us successfully into a thriving 2023 and beyond,” read a joint statement from Cinemapolis Board of Directors co-chairs Sue Perlgut and Enid Littman. 

Matt Butler

Matt Butler is the Editor in Chief at The Ithaca Voice. He can be reached by email at