Would you like to learn to farm? Or Do you know someone that is looking forward to it?

Start-up costs and land access are among beginning farmers’ biggest obstacles. Through Groundswell Center Incubator Farm Program, we provide new
farmers with land, farm facilities, technical training, and one-on-one guidance. The Incubator Farm is located on land leased from Ecovillage, a few miles outside Ithaca, NY.

We’re now accepting applications for new Incubator Farmers in 2023!
Visit our FAQ for more info and apply by January 31st.

Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming is training the next generation of sustainable farmers in the Finger Lakes. We support individuals to develop agricultural skills and grow profitable, equitable and ecologically sound farm businesses. We work to dismantle racism in the food system by addressing inequalities in access to land and resources and prioritizing support for underrepresented producers, including people of color, refugees, women and individuals with limited resources. Groundswell covers the majority of Incubator Farm expenses.

The fee amount depends upon the size of the farmer’s plot and how much water they use during the season as measured by water meters. We also fundraise to help farmers cover the costs.

While we consider all applicants to the Incubator Farm Program, we prioritize admission for people of color, immigrants, refugees, and women, trans*, and non-binary people. We aim to build a more diverse farming community by supporting farmers who often experience significant systemic barriers to starting their business.

More info at: https://groundswellcenter.org/the-incubator-farm/