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Women’s History Month: “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.”
Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts
Saturday, March 11, 3-4:30pm

Join us for a celebration honoring women from New York who were instrumental in securing rights and freedoms for girls and women.


  • Carol Kammen, Tompkins County Historian
  • Alice Ploss, President, Encore Players
  • Louise Adie, Actor
  • Vivien Rose, Historian
  • Sue Perlgut, Feminist, filmmaker, and theatre practitioner
  • Leigh Keely, nurse and performer
  • Yvonne Fisher, psychotherapist, writer, performer

We will open with thanking the Village for Proclamation supporting Lydia Sears’ contributions to this community and supporting Women’s History Celebrations at the Library, Presbyterian Church, and TCFA.

Program and Speakers:

Joining Together/Women & Community
Lydia Godfrey Sears: Louise Adie
A reenactment of Lydia’s legacy in Trumansburg (Library and History)

The Most Startling Marietta Benchley!
(major leader in the suffrage and equal rights movements of the early 20th century;
honored at induction ceremony in historic Seneca Falls, New York)
A retrospective written and delivered by Carol Kammen

Equal Rights
Crystal Eastman’s “Now We Begin” speech (1920) performed by Alice Ploss
Written and delivered after ratification of the 19th amendment. 

Equal Pay/Job Opportunities
A short recap of NY Feminist leaders and the Equal Pay Act

Women’s Health/Reproductive Freedom
A staged reading of “Without Shame, Without Stigma, Without Fear” by Sue Perlgut, Leigh Keely and Yvonne Fisher

Education/Women & Community
Closing with a story of friendship and support. Vivien Rose to present the story of Annis White Sears’ 1915 Friendship Bracelet. Tie in with Lydia Sears’ commitment to education, opportunities for girls, friendships/networking, and mentoring.

We will close by thanking the Village for Proclamation supporting Lydia Sears contributions to this community.