Tim Bangs receives his lifetime achievement award. Credit: Photo provided

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The Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response presented its first ever EMS awards to recognize the contributions of Emergency Medical Services personnel in our community. EMS Program Manager for DoER Joe Milliman said “It’s an honor to present these awards to individuals and organizations that play a vital role in public safety by providing life-saving care, and who are dedicated to serving their communities.”

Tim Bangs Lifetime Achievement

DoER is proud to announce the establishment of the Tim Bangs Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of Tim’s many contributions to EMS in Tompkins County during his career. The recipients of this award will have dedicated their career – whether professional or volunteer – to EMS, making a positive impact on their community. 

Brian Snyder first Bangs Award Winner

Brian Snyder of the Village of Trumansburg EMS has worked as both a ground paramedic and a flight medic, and served the agency as its EMS Administrator. Brian’s calm and confident demeanor, his interest in discussing cases and sharing his knowledge and experience has not only shown his patient-entered care, but it has helped other providers improve theirs. Congratulations, Brian!

EMS Agency of the Year

Trumansburg EMS was selected for this award because of how they have lead the way in improving the EMS system in Tompkins County. Trumansburg uses patient-centered care and evidence-based pre-hospital procedures to provide the best care possible to those within their response area. 

ALS Provider of the Year

Emily Dove Credit: Photo provided

Emily Dove of Trumansburg EMS has worked hard to research and find the best products available to develop a “Stop the Bleed” program at the Ithaca Fire Department as well as teaching several “Stop the Bleed” courses throughout Tompkins County. Emily consistently provides excellent pre-hospital care with a genuine concern for the well-being of her patients, and is always looking for ways to improve. 

BLS Provider of the Year

Caleb Wood

Caleb Wood of Bangs Ambulance continues to show his passion for EMS. He strives to learn as much as possible to improve himself. He is always willing to lend a helping hand, and announced this year he will be enrolling in the Elmira Paramedic Program.

EMS Crew of the Year

Andrew Chambers and Kaitlin Gorton of Dryden Ambulance responded to a possible anaphylactic reaction from a bee sting. Through rapid, life-saving interventions, these EMS providers were able to reverse the airway swelling and return the patient to a normal mental state. Without their quick actions, the patient would not have survived.

EMS Award of Excellence

DoER recognized the Tompkins County Sheriff’s OfficeAirport Fire & Rescue and the 9-1-1 Center for their response to a cardiac arrest at the airport passenger terminal in April 2022. Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of these agencies, a life was saved.