Imagine provided by Friends of Stewart Park

ITHACA, N.Y.—Stewart Park has officially been named to the National Register of Historic Places, recognition that highlights its cultural and historical importance and “provides the park with added protections that preserve the integrity of park buildings.”

Making it onto the National Register also makes the park eligible for state historic preservation matching grants.

“Friends of Stewart Park is thrilled with the park’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places. It recognizes what Ithaca residents and visitors already know, that Stewart Park is not only beautiful, but historically significant,” said Rick Manning, Friends of Stewart Park Executive Director. “We’re grateful to all our partners for helping us revitalize and enhance the park for its next hundred years.”

The designation was credited to Friends of Stewart Park, Wharton Studio Museum and Historic Ithaca, all of which worked with the City of Ithaca on the long-term restoration of the park and the effort to get the park placed on the National and State registered. According to the announcement, a Preserve New York grant allowed Friends of Stewart Park to hire consultant Jessie Ravage to write the application for the registers.

“Stewart Park holds a special place in the hearts of all of the residents and visitors who have had the joy of sitting amongst the willows and enjoying a peaceful view of the lake, strolling along the trails, spending time with family and friends at one of the pavilions or the wonderful accessible playground and carousel,” Ithaca Mayor Laura Lewis. “We are so grateful to see our beloved park receive this placement on the National Register of Historic Places, as it will ensure crucial funding and protection of the legacy of pleasure and peace that Stewart Park will bring for many years to come.”

Matt Butler

Matt Butler is the Editor in Chief at The Ithaca Voice. He can be reached by email at