ITHACA, N.Y.—Franco’s Pizza, which has established itself as one of the most popular eateries in Ithaca’s West End since it opened in 2017, is moving locations.

But Franco’s Pizza isn’t disappearing from the neighborhood, or even from the block for that matter.

The former location of Cornell Laundry, at 529 W. State St., will soon be where Franco and Salvo Evola, the owners of Franco’s Pizza, are serving up slices with their team. They need to be out of their current location in October, but they are looking at the switch in venue as a positive change. 

“For us it was a much better opportunity,” Salvo said. 

Franco Evola, one of the owners of Franco’s Pizza, spreads sauce onto pizza dough. Credit: Casey Martin / The Ithaca Voice

Franco and Salvo, who are natives of Sicily, told The Ithaca Voice the new location comes with more space and will be used for more seating, and may give the pizzeria the means to host a small birthday party. Franco and Salvo hope to make live music, which has appeared on-and-off at the pizzeria, a more regular attraction at the new location. 

The change will also make their restaurant handicap accessible. The wide brick stoop in front of Franco’s has served as a handy spot to sit, but also a barrier for accessibility for the restaurant. 

The change of location won’t mean the menu is changing much. Franco and Salvo said salad will be added to their offerings, and maybe some new desserts to accompany their in-house cannolis. The focus is going to remain on making a quality slice, and keeping service quick.

“We want to try to give a good slice every time you come in, not give you our best slice today and tomorrow maybe the pizza is burned,” Salvo said. 

There are more upsides than downsides to the move for Franco and Salvo — the main downside being the bill. 

“It’s exciting,” Franco said, “But also it’s a lot of work and a lot of money.”

The part about the money “sucks,” Franco said. However, he isn’t too worried. “People in Ithaca have been supporting us. We should be ok.”

Correction (08/24/2023): This article originally stated that the building Franco’s Pizza is in, located at 508 W. State St., will be demolished to make room for The Stately Apartments, a 57-unit development. The Stately is being built on the neighboring lot, 510 W. State St.

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