ITHACA, N.Y.—The Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC) teemed with activity this weekend, marking both the end of the Rashad Richardson Basketball League (RRBL) season with all-star festivities and the annual Chet Cashman Summer Boxing Bash.

Rashad Richardson Basketball League

The outdoors belonged to basketball, as the all-stars from different levels of the RRBL were honored and played all-star games throughout the day. The list of all-stars can be found under the gallery.

All photos below are courtesy of Dove Williams. Use arrows on either side of the pictures to navigate the gallery. Disclosure: The Ithaca Voice is a team sponsor in the RRBL.

Rising Stars All-Stars: Gavin Backus, Jack Blakely-Armitage, Dylan Earl, A.J. Boyd, Pierre Hardison, Henry Marte, Desmond LaFave, Tanner Ray, Ash Shipe-Seebar, Elijah Sieverding, Jayden Way and Cody Mushatt.

Prospects All-Stars: Sebastian Mack, Isaiah Bodie, James Daugherity, Demario Smith, Jasmir Robbins, Keanu Bloomquist, Janelle Lucena, Kaden Marzan, Jacob Bowen, Vinnie King, Israel Mack, Sam Lima, Cyahr Brooks, DeAndre Smith, Emmett Ashrand, Oliver Wilcox.

Junior Varsity All-Stars: Maddie Little, Jaelle Griffin, Arlo Peake, Boden Brier, Malcolm Jenkins, Vaughn Bailey, Lemari Spears, Xavier Smith, Ozzy Sacks, Ahmeen Sheppard, Manny McBean, Josiah McCoy, Ted Tielens, Dafood Williams, Emily Taylor, Malachi Wright, Joe Oliver.

Varsity All-Stars: Justin Yearwood, John Ostrom, Sincere Clemons, Noah Butler, Zay Henderson, Luke Little, James Harris, Hezekiah McCoy, Reed Walrath, Greg Gorsky, Alex Biskup, Jackson Casey, Nolyn Proudfoot, Kyler Stevenson, Jordan Sidle, Evan Sickler.

Chet Cashman Summer Boxing Bash

Boxers from around New York descended on Ithaca this weekend as well for the Chet Cashman Summer Boxing Bash, named after the legendary local boxing coach who passed away in 2011. Fourteen fights were scheduled in a variety of weight classes and ages, held on Aug. 19 in the boxing gym in the basement of GIAC.

All pictures from the Chet Cashman Summer Boxing Bash were also taken by Dove Williams. Use the arrows on either side of the pictures to navigate the gallery.

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