ITHACA N.Y.—The City of Ithaca announced on Oct. 3 that there will be a 10-day delay in the Storm Pipe Replacement Project, ultimately extending the completion of the project to Oct. 13. 

The Storm Pipe Replacement Project started on Sept. 19 with the main goal of replacing two storm pipes on the intersection of East Tompkins Street and North Aurora Street. The streets in the area will be temporarily closed between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The work was scheduled to be completed this week but has been delayed. No reason was announced.

The first pipe will be placed at the southwest corner crosswalk, while the second pipe is going to be placed diagonally across the intersection. The announcement also mentioned that additional pipes will be replaced. 

While construction is underway, all drivers will have to take recommended detours — via signage — in order to get to Linn or North Tioga Street. For example, drivers will have to turn left on East Yates Street, turn right on North Tioga Street then another right on East Lincoln Street if driving northbound on North Aurora Street. 

Additionally, the southwest crosswalk will be closed and driveways will be available for both emergency vehicles and local drivers until the project is completed.

A map view of the intersection that will remain under construction until Oct. 10. Credit: Screenshot from Google Maps