ITHACA, N.Y.—The Ithaca Fire Department reported no injuries in two separate fires that took place Wednesday night at the Therm Inc. facility on Hudson Street and in the Jungle.

The two incidents were detailed by IFD spokesperson Jim Wheal in a release Thursday evening. The fire in the Jungle was reported around 10 p.m., with firefighters discovering a “fully involved structure” fire upon arrival at the scene, behind the stores on Fairgrounds Memorial Parkway.

A witness told emergency personnel that someone might be sleeping inside the structure, but that was proven incorrect after responders fought the fire down, which Wheal said was made more difficult by propane canisters on-site. The encampment’s occupant later arrived at the scene.

Early Thursday morning, a fire was reported at Therm on Hudson Street. Upon arrival, Wheal said Therm workers said “a large piece of equipment had malfunctioned and was on fire.” Smoke was coming from the structure when firefighters got there.

“The fire was quickly brought under control using fire extinguishers and de-energizing the equipment,” Wheal wrote. It is unclear if the fire interrupted any operations at the facility.

Fire department workers were on-scene in the Jungle for 90 minutes and at Therm for about an hour, Wheal said.

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