Corbin Whyte

Ithaca, N.Y. — Corbin Whyte had transferred his parole supervision to Florida before he was arrested in Tompkins County on Wednesday, according to District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson.

“If you’re on parole and you want to move, you apply to have (your parole) transferred,” Wilkinson said in an interview with The Voice on Thursday. “Mr. Whyte did that.”

Whyte beat three separate murder trials in Tompkins County. He was accused in connection with the shooting death of Paul Garcia in 2010. He was found guilty of tampering with physical evidence, a felony.

Corbin Whyte
Corbin Whyte

Whyte was again arrested Wednesday. Police went to confront Whyte on Floral Avenue but the reported parole violator drove toward them.

He then struck a cop car and another vehicle before fleeing into the woods, according to Officer Jamie Williamson. There, he was finally arrested.

“I think people would be surprised by how many repeat offenders we have,” Wilkinson said. “It is frustrating to watch people make horrible choices over and over again.”

Whyte is being held in the Tompkins County Jail. Police have not announced the new charges against him.

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Jeff Stein

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